Anyone purchase their GFC RTT through a local dealer/installer?

I live in Colorado and recently reached out to TRU Automotive to get a quote for a GFC RTT installed on my 23 Jeep JLU. When I spoke to them on the phone they indicated that they had a couple of RTTs and ladders in stock. When I received the digital quote from them, the price of the RTT was $4,750 and they quoted me 2.5 hrs at $130/hr labor for the installation.

I’m sure there are others who have purchased their GFC RTTs at TRU Automotive and wanted to know if this pricing is inline with what you guys paid. Not sure why I’m being asked to pay shipping for an in stock item and 2.5 hrs of labor for the installation seems high to me.

Thanks in advance.

I bought my full camper from MT but I used to live a few blocks from Tru.

They still have to get units down there from manufacture and install is a great process to ensure a life time of camping.

Plus the guys at Tru are a fantastic group of humans and have great customer service.

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$325 seems high to bolt a tent to a roof rack in my opinion!

Driving to MT to pick up the GFC RTT seems to be a better option. It would be a fun road trip and I can plan a couple of nights of camping in MT and WY. There is the added bonus of saving around $1,400.


Interesting looks like they’re passing shipping charges on to you now. It used to be just the tent cost (3999) before.

I have a quote from TRU was 1.5hr to install on a 4Runner plus the GFC specific mounts.

I ordered mine to be installed here locally in Oregon. Did the math on the gas and time, while I would’ve saved some $$ if just for cost of gas, when you include time, food, other expenses, the savings wasn’t worth it (at least to me), especially since my drive would’ve been in the winter months, just about a couple of weeks from now.

I spoke to another person at TRU and he indicated that the price is $3,999 for in stock tents and they still had several in stock. It’s possible that I was quoted for a special order. I didn’t ask about the cost of installation but will do so when I pay them a visit later this week. I’m just waiting on a call from GFC regarding the availability of an item before I pull the trigger.