Anyone tried to go from a Ram short bed to the new Tundra short bed?

I have a 2023 Tundra with the 5.5 foot bed, and my buddy just sold his Ram TRX 5.5 bed, and is going to sell me his GFC, we measured and it looks like it’ll fit nicely. Has anyone already done this??
any info or insight is welcome.


Not sure if you already did, but make sure to measure the cab height and account for the Tundra sharkfin

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Could be a good question to reach out to customer support about, since they’ll have all the “proper” dimensions for each build and could tell you if it looks like it’ll fit.

Hey @AspenJ - Officially, we don’t recommend swapping products, even if overall dims are close, for the following reasons:

  • There could be issues with the camper sealing against the front bed rail
  • differences in the lower tailgate flange and tailgate shape which could cause opening and closing issues
  • differences in bed mounting locations which could cause attachment issues
  • differences in side panel flanges which could cause issues as well
  • difference in cab rake angle which could cause interference offroad, or excessive wind noise
  • differences in height which could cause interference offroad, or excessive wind noise

Realistically it could fit if dims are close, but please note that if you are using a camper on a truck that it was not designed for, it will void the entire warranty.