Anyone use a 3rd Party Truck Bed Camper with your GFC?

I need to sleep 4 in my Toyota Tacoma. I’m getting my GFC installed in a couple of weeks, but that’s only 2 adults. My bed is only 5ft, so I found this product that allows you to velcro in a tent to the lowered tailgate. Nomad Camper. Has anyone used anything like this?


I have one and it’s pretty cool! I don’t have it on a truck with a GFC though, so I can’t speak to its compatibility. It’s on my Tacoma with a leer topper. The topper is insulated with carpet, so it’s easy to stick the upper part to it. The only thing I don’t love is that the opening that you climb in through is kind of low, so it feels like you’re climbing into an igloo. It might not be an issue for some, but I’m 6’3 so it feels like I have to duck down a little. I’ll bet kids would love it. Really not a big deal though, and the added leg room is awesome.

Thanks @Jakesplinters. I just got the Nomad tent…and getting the GFC installed next week. I sure hope they’re compatible. Otherwise, I’m not sure how else to sleep 4! It came with velcro strips to glue down. Let’s see how that holds up

Let us know how this works out! Definitely interested.

So I installed it today. Definitely not a smooth compatibility. First of all, I think it’s designed to Velcro onto the topper, which must have fabric on it? I glued on some Velcro strips on the bars, and under the bed tiles. It’s ok. Not great for sure. But It’s the best solution I’ve found to sleep 4.


So you can’t remove the tile now because of the Velcro? I was wondering if you could glue the Velcro strip to the actual frame up top close to where the third brake light is.

Thanks for the update. My girls are still small so I got some time but if you notice anything good/bad with it over time let us know! Thanks.

That’s right. I won’t be able to move 2 out of the 3 moveable tiles while the Bed Camper is in use. There was enough surface space on the support bars (on the side) to put velcro there (vs on the wall)…but up top, there’s nothing much…only the tiles, really…so you have to put the velcro there. I figure it’s manageable if you have a ladder…while the Bed Camper is in use. The other option I just saw was a much simpler design that clips from the top of the GFC/topper to the end of the tailgate. It’s also $185 vs ~$500. You won’t get as much space, but the design seems better for GFC. They’re doing a Kickstarter…so it’s not in production yet. Topper Tent by Kim Sandefur — Kickstarter

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Ok good to know. Nice find on the kickstarter. I think I’m gonna try that route and report back when I get it and try it with the GFC.

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