Anyone using a Powerbank such as Bluetti EB70 or Ecoflow river pro?

Thinking about the possibility of using a powerbank instead of a complex dual battery set up. Is anyone using these in their GFC? My use case would be running a fridge, lights and charging a laptop. Combined with solar charging and charging using the tacoma bed power outlet when moving locations every 2-3 days (assuming longer trip) I think the approx. 750 Whr should be sufficient. What are your thoughts? Have I overlooked something?

Before I went with an onboard 2nd battery I ran a 1500 goal zero lithium battery, charged it with an inverter when driving and some goal zero panels when stopped. Worked great, I just didn’t like having to move the thing so went with an second battery…

I run the river pro occasionally. It’s a great little power bank.

Thought about it. They are really cool, but I just don’t have a need for AC power.

The sale on Costco for ecoflow ends tomorrow. I just bought the river pro. I don’t take take long enough trips to need dual battery set up just yet. All I have are some LED stringers and a dual zone iceco. We’ll see

I have a Bluetti EB70s. I just got an Iceco JP50 Pro which I plan to run off of it. Fits perfect in the backseat of my ZR2. I also picked up the PV120 to help keep the EB70s topped off if I stay put for more than a couple days.

Goal Zero 1000x with solar and charging with the inverter