Anyone want to buy an 8ft GFC?

Update: Price drop

Howdy. It’s me, Taylor from all the emails last year.

I have a unique camper: 8ft long, V1 space frame, embassy hinges (1 of 3). I love it, but since I started my new coffee shop (shameless plug) I haven’t been camping much in it. So, I’m testing the waters to see if anyone is interested in purchasing it.

It was built for an 8’ Ford bed. Confirmed fit on 8’ Fords from 1987-2007. Will likely fit a wider range of years because Ford beds haven’t changed much through the generations, but I’ve only had it on the trucks pictured. Could potentially fit other makes. Front and rear panels are cut for windows, but don’t have window glass yet. I’m told by Graeme that it’ll have glass soon.

Price drop: $8.5k.

Comment with questions, DM offers.


Taylor, just wanted to say. I miss your customer service skills! Hands down the best experience when it came down to customer service. Hope all is well and happy to know you started your own coffee shop.

dang awesome looking set up. . Curious were the panels cut for glass after you bought it or did you get it from GFC without glass? I would like to add rear glass to mine.

Thanks bud! I’m glad to know my time with Go Fast was helpful to y’all.

They were cut originally for windows and there were some supply chain delays around glass when we built my camper, hence the lack of window glass now.

Hey Taylor, I’d be interested in talking with you about this, but I just signed up on the forum, and I don’t see any way to send you a DM just yet because I’m a new user. If you can send me a quick DM, we can go from there. Thanks!

What’s on the roof? Got any additional pics?

Asking price?

Comes with beef rack, but I’m gonna keep the bike trays that are on there. Asking $10,500.

Edit: price was missing a zero.

Interested, so yes I would like to buy an 8ft GFC. I have F250 that it would fit perfect

I see this thread is old, just wondering if the gfc is still for sale? Do you have an other pics? From the comments I understand that it is cut for windows but there is just no glass? Judging from the license plate and the coffee shop you are located in bozeman?



I am happy I ended up with this V1 Beauty!
She has ended up in California with many adventures planned!