Anyone want to make a lockout mechanism for rear panel/door

I have a high-level idea for a lockout bar for the rear panel. If anyone is interested in making it I would be in line to buy one.

The general idea is that I would like to keep the standard struts and have a mechanism for locking out the rear door at various angles. Here are the initial ideas:

  • a long bar parallel to the windows with a 90-degree bend it in. Similar to what the struts are mounted to currently on the V2, but running vertically the height of the window.

  • along that bar would be holes every inch or so – which would be used to adjust the angle of the lockout.

  • a removable bar would temporarily attach to one of the holes as well as eyebolt near the bottom of the rear door (maybe utilizing the security latch attachment points)

  • when not in use the bar would be taken out.

Horrible drawing attached.

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