Anyone with a backup camera on their GFC?

Has anyone put a backup camera on the back of their GFC? I have an expedition one rear bumper with dual swing outs and I’d like to try to get a different camera mounted higher or do a relocation. Just wasn’t sure if anyone had done some sort of mod to put it higher up on the GFC.

I started with just a backup camera on my swing out as well, and while it’s nice for checking on our bikes ( I got a switch to turn it on anytime), it’s not the greatest at letting me view much else. I also got tired of having a useless rear view mirror, so I ended getting a rear view camera setup (rear camera mounted to the lower extrusion):

So far I’ve been really impressed with it. Image quality is great and having looped video recording front and rear is nice should anything happen. My only complaint is that vehicles look a bit further away than they are (still gotta use my side mirrors to safely change lanes), but the wide field of view more than makes up for that.

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Awesome! Thanks for the tip. How did you mount it to the lower extrusion?

I mounted the camera with a couple of the gfc t-nuts. Some of the cable tucked nicely into the extrusion and for the rest I used some cable guides.

Great, thanks for the help!

I’d love to see some pictures if you get a chance!

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