Anyone with a GFC camper in NM?

Anyone near ABQ or SF with a GFC camper? I would like to see one.

I’m in Gallup. West on I-40…
I’d be happy to show you mine. I’m an early adopter V1, but identical for the most part.


Not sure how big of hurry you are, but I will be driving up late April for my install and I work in Albuquerque

Oh that’s cool! Let me know when you get it

First Night
I got it and LOVE IT!! lol


Great looking truck!

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Nice! I just got a used V1.5 platform

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Hey man I have a nice ROAM Awning for sale that would fit the V2 if you are interested. It came with the camper and I won’t use it. ( i am in Santa Fe, NM)

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Thank you Leo, but I ended up getting the OVS Nomadic 270

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