Anyone with a GFC in the Philadelphia, PA area?

Strongly considering a GFC V2 for my Tacoma, but really want to see one in person before taking the next step.

Anyone in the area that would be willing to do a quick meet up?

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I’ve got one in Florence, NJ. Unfortunately Uncle Sam has me working out of the country for the next couple weeks. I’ll likely be back around Thanksgiving if you want to wait that long.

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You’re right down the road from me - I’m north of you in the Hamilton area.

Send me a message when you return, I’m likely in no rush - unless I decide to jump on the Lone Peak intro buy.

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A few months ago, I would have been able to help ya! Cherry Hill/ Mt. Laurel area

I do know there’s several in the Philly area and a couple in Delaware if they do chime in


I’ve got a V2 on an 08 Tacoma access cab. Down in Nashville this week; happy to meet you in early December.

Was able to stop by and see @globemaster’s V2 - glad I did. The GFC crew has fantastic attention to detail.

I did end up going in a different direction but the GFC is a backup choice.