Anyone with a Platform RTT mounted on a Front Runner rack?

Looking to see if anyone has a platform RTT on a Front Runner rack–hoping they could take a measurement for me or confirm compatibility. I’m trying to see how tall the tent sits off of the rack with the standard tent mount kit. I run a Front Runner table with the undermount slide and the latch for the table sticks up above the rack by about an inch or so. My rack is 47" wide so the tent is going to overhang and it’s going to need to be able to clear the latch. Would really prefer not to have to switch to the tall tent mount kit if possible. Appreciate any help and feedback

Front Runner’s low profile tent mount kit works fine to get the tent above the rack’s perimeter lip. GFC’s aftermarket rack mount kit bolts to that and raises the tent about another inch, so it should sit about 2.2" above the rack crossbars.

Thank you for the reply! I perhaps didn’t describe it clear enough, but my table mount goes even higher than the lip of the rack. I just went and measured and it looks like at my highest point I’m 1.5" from the crossbars so I should clear just fine. I just checked Front Runners site and it looks like they redesigned the table latches to avoid the extra height as well.

Height above the lip is just under 5/8"

Height above the crossbars is right around 1.5"

Newly designed latches that are much more flush on top without the side “fins”

So just as a note, I actually contacted Front Runner about buying just the latch portion so that I could get a little bit extra clearance and it wouldn’t be as tight. That latch design without the side wings is a 6-7 year old design and the current model is the one with the wings. Good thing it clears or else I’d have to get the tall tent brackets which just isn’t ideal in any scenario.