ARB Awning Bag - FREE

I ordered a 2500 ARB awning cover when I was going to make my own awning. It just showed up after 3 months and I went a different route. Anyone need a replacement? Happy to send it out for free.

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Oh shoot it’s too bad this isn’t the 4’x8’ one. The zipper broke on mine. And not surprised on the timeline if you ordered it from 4wheelparts. They’re aweful!!! :-1:t2:

I agree! I’d never normally support them, but they were the only company that said “in stock” :roll_eyes:

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I had mine on back order for like 4 months and ended up cancelling it! Would love to be considered for this. I will message you directly.

It is yours! DM me your address and I’ll get it in the mail tomorrow.