ARB quick release awning bracket

Anyone install an ARB quick release awning bracket on their camper?

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I did, works as advertised.

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I assume you also need the GFC bracket mounts? Any photos? Curious to see how far it sticks out,


I am using the GFC brackets along with the ARB ones, not sure if they would have worked without both as I already had the GFC’s. The ARB brackets stick out about an inch beyond the GFC ones, which stick out from the extrusion about an inch as well. I really recommend the ARB set up if you’re going to be removing the awning, it’s so much quicker to mount and dismount.


Awesome! Thanks for answering my question and thanks for the pictures!!! I do plan on installing and removing the awning after trips.

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That is a rad set up…I’m gonna scope this out. Today the awning just stays on the rig.Not a huge issue but I like the ability to quickly remove when not in use.
Can I use this with the first gen GFC awning brackets? I am on the ARB site and from looks I would think so…Looks like you have ARB Kit#5 part #813409.

Thogan- yes those are ARB #813409 brackets, I think I got them at Northridge 4X4. I had to drill out a couple new holes next to the slots on each of the GFC brackets for the lower bolts to line up. Not sure if these are first gen brackets or not, got my GFC as well as the brackets last June, # 244.


How does the awning stay secured? Just gravity?

Secured with 2 bolts/ nuts per bracket. Quick and easy

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What I’m asking is how that side stays securely attached to the truck. Sometimes things get bouncy.

The bolts slide into the bracket slots, then you cinch it up tight with the nuts. Never had any issues with them coming loose.

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I wonder if the quick release wold work on other brands of awning. The arb seems to mount similar to the Rhino rack and some others.

Thanks for posting this information. I bought the same components and just want to ask your thoughts on mounting the ARB plate near the top of the GFC bracket vs. the middle or bottom? Are there pros and cons? Thanks