Are Tacoma short bed and long bed tent material the same size?

I have a longbed 3rd gen Tacoma and Im looking to buy the tent material(complete soft sides) from a shortbed 3rd gen Tacoma platform camper because it has a side door and mine has no side doors. Can anyone confirm the material is the same size/shape and would install on my platform camper?

Also, Ive heard in the past that GFC will sell new complete tent material but Im not sure if they still support V1 products. Can anyone from GFC confirm this? How about cost?

Yes it will fit. When it comes to regular size GFC they’re all the same. Type of vehicle doesn’t matter. The only difference in size is whether you have an XL or regular. Also it must be the same version of course.

They do sell tent material for V1. Just email them and they will give you details and price. They do still support the V1 with service and parts. You can buy some of it on their website.

Thank you for the detailed info!