Arrive app? edit: resolved

Why can’t you use normal tracking options for packages? having to use a app to track a package is ridiculous…

I recently placed an order too.From my experience you do not have to use the app. I did try the app but then deleted it. Once your order ships you get an email that allows you to view status of your order and it will show a tracking number.

interesting… i only see the option to track using the app… i have an email over to them looking for a tracking number.

Here’s the email I got.

item was backordered so it was never sent… which is why i never saw the tracking. didn’t expect a 2 week wait on the item.

glad it shows the tracking… that would be a pain to have only the app to track the order

It probably hasn’t shipped yet that’s why you haven’t got the tracking number email.
That “arrive” shit sucks. I hate it.

exactly what it was…