Auburn to Mammoth

Got out to Mammoth for some fly fishing. Lots of dust and driving rain, no leaks and no dust intrusion. Super Happy with the GFC so far. Hits some camp spots, a little tubbin’, and a whole lotta driftin’. Lower Owen’s was the best. Drove back out through Markleeville on the way home. Monitor Pass is peaking with fall colors right now.


@IBJAYB Upper O wasn’t fishing well? Where did you fish on the Upper O? IUsually pretty good with the fall run. Curious as I will probably head up this weekend. Did you dry or dredge the bottom? Looks like you had an awesome time

I went left of Benton’s about a mile and also fished below Benton’s crossing for a bit.
Nymphed for a bit at bottom , mid column, tried dries. Talked to a few guys and they all said the same thing that it had been slow the last few days. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Most of the time it’s all technique and presentation which I’m still working on. Caught a lot of fish, just all small.