Aux Switch Panel

I am looking for Ideas on aux switch mount location or brackets and ideas? Im not a fan of drilling switch into truck I think it should stay on topper.

Not sure what vehicle you have but I’ve got a solar controller mounted to my cab side panel and a blue seas switch on my cubby. Both might be good potential locations depending on your needs and buildout.

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i also plan on doing a blue seas switch in the same spot. TBD if i do solar but considered wiring it to a second battery

I have a 2012 Ram 2500. So no real storage lids to have switches come out of. You have an awesome setup though.

I really like this setup but I do not have the tools or material to make this at the time being. So I was hoping someone sold something like this.


I use a Trigger 4 plus to control lights and accessories from the bed. It is a basic switch panel I mounted under the hood that can be controlled via a RF magnetic remote or an app.

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I like the setup looks good.