Auxillary Switch Control in cab and Camper

I’ve been trying to find an answer to this since I bought my V2 back in January.

In an ideal world I am able to control my auxillary lights from an aux switch unit in the cab of the truck AND from the bed of the truck. I want to be able to turn the exterior lights on and off in the middle of the night if I have to get out to answer natures call and be able to use them when in need of additional lighting on the trail.

Is there a way to run dual on off switches using a switch pod like this one (or Similar) 8 Button Aux Switch

Wiring everything in seems easy enough, where I come up with confusion is if its even possible to have two control units turning the lights on and off.

Thanks in Advance!

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most of the more premium switch panels offer the ability to have two control panels. Spod etc. in addition they are Bluetooth so you can use a switch panel in the cab and your phone in the camper. I run a Trigger + which is a magnetic wireless remote so you can take it with you or use the app.


I use SPOD and run my aux lights from my tent with my iPhone that is Bluetooth connected to the SPOD


@Medicfung is right. I use an sPod in the cab, and have capability to run it from Bluetooth in the bed. You can also daisychain the controllers to have another in the bed. They use a normal LAN cable to run everything


Or if you don’t want to pick up a spider you can just wire them like this


Like everyone said above aside from the unit. I have a SwitchPro and use Bluetooth for everything if not in the drivers seat.


Thanks everyone! I had a cheaper switch panel in my amazon list but now knowing the sPod has bluetooth I’ll be adding that to the rig when the funds become available. 100% the way to go for me as I want full control of the exterior camp lights even when I’m in the camper.

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The Trail Toys No Strings Attached switch panel was installed on my truck by the previous owner and it has a remote control that I keep in the cubby next to the steering wheel and then can put in the bed up top at night if you want lights at night without having to wire in a separate panel. NSA Switch Panel | Trail Toys