Awning 270 rear support bracket

Does anybody fabricate a rear support brackets to help with the heavy big awnings other than Kinsmen? If you know please share the info, thanks

I have a V1 GFC and just took delivery of a Bush Company 270 xt awning. The GFC brackets aren’t quite big enough so I thought I’d order a kinsmen mounting bracket to modify and to help out with the mounting.
Kinsmen rejected my order… He said it would tarnish his brand…
For an industry and hobby that is built on modification and creativity to solve a problem, that seemed like a bit of a slap in the face. I’m not in a place to drop $2500 on one of his awnings so now I’m not allowed to use any of his products?
Maybe I’m wrong but this seems like an amazingly narrow mindset and I’ll be avoiding their brand. Bummer.

I had the same answer and build my own bracket .

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