Awning Door Sides

I think I posted this idea somewhere else on this forum but for the life of me, I can’t seem to find it ( I did post about this on the GFC Owners facebook group)

After trying to figure this out for a few months and waiting on parts from all over the place ( Supply Chain constraints and all… finally devised a side panel kit for the GZilla Awning kit. It isn’t perfect, I measured some spots wrong, Its the first time I’ve ever sewn and it ain’t pretty but I think its a great proof of concept and will work just fine!

600D fabric
48" #8 Zipper Track ( 4)
Fix N Zip zippers #8-10 (4)

I will say one thing though… this needs to be standard on V3… it’s a lot of work for something so simple… or at least have the zipper track on the tent itself be equipped with a zipper foot so that things can be attached to it easily… it is a pain to get things lined up and this is not something that would be fun to do every time but if you were in a place for several days at a stretch or if you zip down the sides to the last couple of inches and tuck it in between the flap and the mesh door then you’ll be okay


It all stays on and zipped up when closing with the exception of popping off the eyelet for the awning poles… it actually closes up a little bit easier as all the air escapes much more quickly now that the door flap isnt zipped to the body, only allowing the air to escape from the bottom… here it all escapes at once as its all loose… still plenty of space to tuck in all the extra fabric

In theory… you can just zip the side fabric all the way down except for the last couple of inches and tuck it in inwards between the door flap and the mesh door and then zip down the door itself from top to bottom and close it as usual or do it this way when you need to be cocooned in cold weather as that extra fabric would probably stuff in the gap thats left open at the bottom

Also… realized that there’s a bit of excess fabric at the bottom of the triangle just because of the way its designed and I realized I had a huge bag of tarp clips with carabiners built in and this solved all of the flapping issues as its pretty windy here in Ohio at the moment… nice thing about this is that the carabiner actually does slide up and down on the awning poles itself and self tensions a bit depending on how hard its blowing… this is working out pretty damn well I would think…


that white stuff in the background is the bane of my existence… is what it is!


Haven’t updated this since February…… I’ve used it several times since then…. Great idea, needs better implementation as the repair zippers are a pain to get started…. There needs to be a better system, perhaps some kind of sleeve on both ends of the triangle that slides onto the square part of the teeth rather than using the zippers… hmm

Sure wish someone offered a commercial solution to this

This is neat! I am not good with sewing but something to consider.