Awning Ironman on GFC

I have got at Ironman 4X4 270 degree ( DeltaWing XT-71 Awning and Wall Kit Package | 270 Degree Awning | 2-Piece Wall Kit .

I am having a 2022 Toyota Tacoma and have the latest GFC Camper & Topper installed. Can I use the brackets provided in the Awning set by Ironman4x4 to install? I find the GFC brackets to be pricey .
1.Any possible issue using the brackets provided by Awning company?
2. Using GFC brackets is just a option or is it mandatory ?

PS: I am new to all this overlanding culture , reallly appreciate any help or pointers.

The Ironman brackets will not work as most brackets that comes with the awnings are meant for universal roof racks. You have to use GFC brackets as the GFCI uses proprietary T track nuts. Recommended GFC’s universal brackets as it allows the most space to tighten the mounting hardware for the awning but it does stick out further from the camper. I used four brackets for my FSR awning and so far so good. Hope this helps.

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I used three GFC mounts for my Ironman 270 awning. The Ironman brackets won’t work.


Hey KCKC, I am not sure which nuts and bolts to use to attach the awning to the GFC brackets and also I feel the universal bracket is small for the size of the awning. Can you help me understand what worked for you? May be a list of all items needed for you to install ironman awning using GFC universal brackets on to GFC camper. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Below is the GFC awning mount on top of the ironman awning