Awning Mounted to Beef Rack?

Looking into getting an awning for my platform camper. I have the camper on a ford maverick which is a pretty short truck in general (gentle way of saying tiny)
If I mount the awning to the side of the camper I am certain I will have to duck to get in it. Truly not the end of the world, but I noticed the OVS 270 LTE comes with mounting brackets to mount to a T-track roof rack system.
Has anyone done this to the Beef Rack bars?
This would in theory give me another couple inches of head clearance and might be just enough to not risk hitting my head.

Would love to hear thoughts/ experiences with anything similar

Guessing if you mount to Beef Racks the awning would be unusable once the camper is opened. I know others have incorporated taller mounts (or similar solutions) that raise the awning while still being mounted to the lower extrusion.

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Jesus… I feel like an idiot.
Yup, problem solved, thread complete.

:joy: I am just picturing the owning open at a 45 degree angle now and feel like a total dumbass.



Does seem like a very good way to shed rain water!

No judgement here, we’ve all been there.


Lolol, I was contemplating the height gain of mounting to the beef bar and also didn’t consider closed vs open angles.

Check the accessories page I believe they just added beef rack awning mounts recently.

In the Chase Frame and Topper models there is no tent. So you can mount these to the Beef Racks for your awning because they don’t move.

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