Awning's and SuperLites

Hey everyone. Curious if anyone has managed to mount an awning along side a SuperLite on a Prinsu rack. I’ve got a 4th Gen 4Runner with a Prinsu, and with the overhang of the SuperLite, I haven’t quite figured out a way to get it mounted again. I’d like to leave the tent up year round, cause I do fall/winter camping. But having the awning prior to having the SuperLite was so nice. Maybe I’m just trying to have my cake and eat it too, though. Haha.

I messaged a guy about this same issue – he had his Superlite mounted on a prinsu with an awning on a 5th Gen. He said he was running the low profile awning mounts, and it was tight but it fit.

Here is a little video he had on youtube GFC Superlite, Awning, Rack setup (5th gen 4Runner) - YouTube

I have a Sherpa rack, similar to Prinsu. Attached an EeziAwn with included hardware, not a problem.

Napa maxitrac awning. Used t nuts and some angles steel brackets I cut down. Tent is slightly offset to drivers side


I am running the prinsu quick release awning mounts made by prinsu. On my 5th gen 4runner, it extends out just enough that the tent is centered.