Awnings with gutters? Or some such

Since I’m 99% sure i’m placing an order next week, I’m starting to look at awnings. From what I’ve seen of those who have them, there’s a gap between the awning and the vehicle that rain gets behind.

Is there a go-to awning for the GFC (looking for 270 degrees-ish) and does it deploy such that rain isn’t getting in behind it?

You can always flip open the panel and that covers the gap, but I made a custom bracket for my 270 to get it as close to the camper as possible and have about a 1” gap still. I have not seen any that cover the gap.

A lot of folks go with Kinsman which is the nicest quality made in the USA option in my opinion. I personally went with the FSR as it is only 39lbs so I didn’t have to do a special bracket. It is also fairly affordable compared to the Kinsman.

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I have an overland pros wraptor 6k on mine. Flipping up the rear tailgate covers still works.

I’m leaning towards an awning from Overland Vehicle Systems. Read and Viewed a lot of decent Reviews and the price is right.

Not sure if there are Gaps but I can probably solve that somehow.

How you liking the fsr awning? Considering getting one due to it being only 36lbs

@Stick I like it a lot. It does need the tie down lines if there is some wind, but overall it works well. Really easy and fast to use and has been great in some heavy rain as well as shade of course.