Axia Alloys Fire Extinguisher Mount

I was looking for a fire extinguisher mount to attach to the space frame. I found this one - Quick release fire extinguisher mount – Axia Alloys by axia alloys. It’s the most expensive one I looked at, but it’s so much nicer and doesn’t use hose clamps.

I used 1.5” clamps for the space frame, and 3.25” clamps for my particular fire extinguisher.

The clamps are thin enough that they don’t touch the side panels, and they are strong enough to keep the mount from rotating. They also don’t damage the powdercoat.

Now if I need it, I just open the driver side panel, pull the red handle, and grab the extinguisher.


Thats really clean! What do you think about this unit? I just received a sample that I am going to test.

Used the drake offroad unit for a bit, but had issues with it rotating and the hose clamps marred the powdercoat if not careful.

I have a similar setup except I mounted it to the space frame on the front drivers side. That way it is out of the way and I can still reach it in a hurry but it doesn’t impact side panel accessibility.

I used this mount:

I also used heat shrink on the hose clamps so they wouldn’t scratch up the powder coat.


That looks nice. I’d imagine it’s very similar quality to the axia alloys mount.

I’m glad to hear about the issues with the drake mount because I almost ordered that one lol.

Good idea with the heat shrink!

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Can anyone tell me the clearance between the side panels and the diagonal cross member tubes? I know the vertical member will have the bulb seal on them, and thus zero clearance. As shown in these photos though, the diagonal members must have some space to the panel to allow for the attachment if the tube clamps.

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These are awesome. But, 150 bucks is a bit salty…

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Not off hand, but yea there’s atleast 1/8”, maybe more

Yea I agree it’s pricey.

I looked at all of the cheaper options and read a lot of reviews that said they rattle and I was worried about the hose clamps damaging the powder coat, or allowing the mount to rotate. Graeme said his rotated with hose clamps.

I spent the extra money for a gfc, so I feel like I should spend the extra money for nicer accessories.

Since I’m not back there while driving - I would think a bit of ‘rattle’ would be fine. :slight_smile:

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so when i brought my truck i picked up a couple of fire extinguisher’s, a vehicle specific one and a regular one. was looking at mounting options and whilst doing so laid them beside the drivers and passenger seats, between the seat and the door. turns out they dont move or rattle or fall out - etc, and i have since left them there. probably not perfect but as it saved me money and they are readily available and i know exactly where there are - they have remained there for the last few years. if i think i may need it by the camp fire i just pull it out and have it near me.


over the years, we have bought and replaced home fire extinguishers for the different kinds of causes/types of fires; and yes not all fire extinguishers are the same. most are very specific for the types of fire to be addressed. when it is called for, and fear, panic, and adrenaline kick in, with every second being crucial, what you pick up and use has to be effective right from the start. I like that this LifeSafe Technologies fire extinguisher will work on five different types of fire: electrical/cooking oil/textile/petroleum and paper products. it’s small & light and easy to use; exactly operates like any aerosol can so anyone in our household can use it when needed.


I like this fire extinguisher’s formulation, enabling anyone to fight almost any type of flame in motorhomes, garages, workshops, and other places. It can suppress fires from electricity, fabric, diesel or petroleum, cooking oil, and paper.

This mount looks fantastic, but it’s very difficult to justify a $150+ mount for a Halon fire extinguisher that I picked up for $2 at a yard sale…