Back Panel Weatherstripping

The other day my tailgate and back hatch were iced up BAD. After chiseling and scraping I finally got them opened but tore the weatherstripping a little bit. Does anybody here know where to get some besides bugging GFC?

as a side note @Rattler sewverlaneder lock covers worked as they should


They do have it on their website to order so you dont have to go through support. V2 Tailgate Seal - GoFastCampers


I didn’t know they added stuff like that to the site. Thanks

2 hours of messing with google and I found 25 feet of it. that’s enough for 5 mess ups

Trim-Lok 5B100B3X1/8A


It would be so nice if tailgate designs would return to flat lines, so that the rear door on a topper could directly overlap the tailgate without an aggressively contoured edge piece.

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