Backup Camera

I have a 2011 Tacoma that has the stock camera, but it’s blocked by my swing out (and the image is very small in the mirror.) I was using this one, but it seems to no longer be working.

Anyone know of a backup camera that can be used with a Go Fast Camper or a shop in the Bay Area that can help recommend and/or install one?

Wolfbox seems to flood me with advertisements and I see some people installing them on GFCs. Looks like a neat inexpensive option.

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I had the same problem with my Ranger, I got the applicable backup camera from here Tailgate Camera Replacement Kits | M&R Electronics Inc.

Not as good as the FORD one in the middle of the tailgate, but definitely good enough to see what’s going on when I’m backing up. I did have to snip one of the wires to flip the image horizontally. The instructions explain that, just mentioning, because that was a bit nerve wracking to do… If you’re curious, I’ve blogged about it here Blog Post - Dan Hunneyman

photos are here GFC Ford Ranger Project / Rear Bumper Tweaks

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Thanks! I’m thinking I might contact a RV / Trailer company since they seem to deal with this challenge. I like what you did, but I don’t think it’ll work for me and my Tacoma, unfortunately.

Thanks, I’ll check them out!

I routed the auxiliary camera that came with my ultra swing into the camper. Wiring follows the same path as the third brake light.

Was able to leave the factory camera and harness in place and can plug back into it if/when I sell the swing-away.

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That looks nice and clean - I wish I had that option!