Baja 1000 2022! Cuatro Casas

Baja 1000 this year, November 18. I’ll be down at Cuatro Casas surfing/watching the race in my 2018 Frontier pro4x with my platform camper. Oh ya they have a pool you can skate(showbowl)…



I don’t think they have released the map yet. Will they go by for the 1000? They did not during this years 500.

The years that i’ve been at Cuatro casas they have had… Im pretty sure its a beach route they use every year…

They’ve been really changing up the course the past couple years. Using new routes and changing directions compared to many years past. Not sure if the 1000 will be the same or any different. The map usually is released at the Offroad Expo.

Changing the route. Thats going to piss off the local ranchers.Thanks for the the info about the offroad expo

They are trying to give more land owners opportunities to get paid


Here’s the baja 1000 map and prerunning starts this weekend. I am sure there will be changes to the course after the hurricane that swept through a couple months ago.

I will be down at cuatro on friday and/or sat night, see you there!


Just sent you a message!!Headed down thursday afternoon…

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