Baja Designs Brake Light

Like @GainzGFC said, I think 2 outer S2s for chase/reverse with 2 red BD rock lights would be sweet!

Time to dust off the calipers and open fusion 360 again…

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I’d be in on that if you’re making them!

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Im in on one if you so the s2 outer and rock light inners.

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Did this file get taken down? I can’t seem to get the link to work now.

@codycjc Should be good now, I “hid” it as I was making some changes to the file.

Just wanted to share this “V2” of the brake light (sorry for the bad photo). Still will need to be tested but should come “soon” as I’m in the middle of moving and starting a new job.

As far as a brake light utilizing an S2, that is still in the works; just going to take some more time/tweaking so it looks right.


Thanks to @Eisenheim for printing the housing in Carbon Fiber but the “V2” is officially ready to go.




:heart_eyes: Looks amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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For those interested in @Buhlockaye 's tail light, I’ll be offering a print service in both CF Nylon and PETG. There will be some assembly required, mainly adhering the two pieces together with an appropriate epoxy/glue (@Buhlockaye will touch on this when he does a install/assembly write up). Once everything is hashed out, I’ll post a link for people to place orders.


What does the inside cable management look like?

@V2Frontier there are recessed cable channels on the back side to route them back to the predrilled brake light hole. As far as inside the topper, cable management will depend on how nicely the person makes it :wink:


Alright, for any of you that have been thinking about purchasing one of these I have finally uploaded the “V2” version of this brake light. The STL file can be purchased HERE if you are interested in 3D printing one.

For those of you that do not have a 3D printer and are wanting one, you’re in luck. I have reached out to @Eisenheim also known as “3dprotolabs” (who makes those awesome panel handles) and he is willing to print them for those who are wanting a printing service. Please reach out to him separately for a printing quote. You can contact him HERE.
IF you are going to proceed with his printing service, please purchase the STL and send it to him for printing.

I will be working on instructions for assembly along with proper photos but if anyone has any questions, please reach-out via DM or comment below and will answer your questions!


@Buhlockaye Any update on these? I noticed that the file is down.

I’d be curious if there is a way to arrange for 5 across the span without drilling any new holes on the camper, thinking Amber/Red/White/Red/Amber would be neat.

If that sizing doesn’t seem possible, I think I’d like to get this and do Red/White/White/Red for backup/brake and just mount my S1 for chase lights.

My camper delivery ETA is November but I’m trying to plan out my lights/wiring. I have 5 S1’s on my current bed rack that I have to figure out what I’m doing with.

@planprepareadapt Thanks for reaching out! File has been pulled as I plan on printing and selling on my etsy instead of just the file. I’m just waiting on some product photos but hoping to get it posted here soon. Once that’s done, link will be updated in this thread.

Unfortunately due to the size and keeping it OEM+ looking, there isn’t room for 5. Adding a 5th light would mean covering the center channel that route the wires into the existing panel hole. I’ve added a photo of an older model but same sort of concept. I am however looking into doing all 4 to be angled along with possibly adding an area for a reverse camera. This will be a while as I’m pretty busy.

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Ah gotcha, makes sense. I’d be super interested in an all 4 angled model. I’ll probably do the red/white/white/red and just use my S1’s as chase/dust lights. I’ll keep an eye out on Etsy! Thanks for the update!

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Thanks for reaching out! I’ll keep ya posted!

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Hey @planprepareadapt ! Just posted up the current design over here. I’ll try and get another model with 4 angled but just wanted to share for the meantime!

Should bring these back!! Would love this.