Baja Designs Brake Light

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls; today I want to introduce you to this absolute UNIT of a brake light. This brake light utilizes the stock mounting locations and wire routing hole through the rear panel. This brake light hold up to (4) Baja Design rock lights and has designed in cable management. In the photos, I currently have 2 red rock lights connected to my oem brakes and will be adding 2 more. Any color can be added and wired however you see fit.

This was printed in 2 halves with a 3D printer using PETG. I then glued the 2 pieces together and proceeded with sanding out any blend for a smooth finish. Couple coats of paint and here we are. I also added a sheet of 2mm foam for a watertight seal against the panel.

If you plan on wiring into the brake light, please follow Baja Design wiring recommendations which includes wiring a relay

If your interested in purchasing, feel free to check it out (BZ Shop) I’ll add some updated photos soon!


Looks clean af

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Love it! I’d pay ya for the file for sure.

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@jedgar Awesome to hear! PM’d ya!

I’d be interested in the file. PM me for price details. Nice design.

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Looks super close to the MESO 3rd brake light for the 3g taco. Would be cool if this took off like those did.

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Thanks @Nomad88! I just threw them up (link in original post). Going to update photos/descriptions more on the listing shortly.

Thanks @jasont! Love his work and he does an amazing job! Don’t think I’m on his level quite yet but would be cool to see it take off!

Love it!

Just wanted to add some more photos. Finally got my last 2 rock lights; just need to hook them up.


This definitely gives you the ability to customize which color lights you want. Another option is the Baja Designs Rear Tail Light. The mounting holes are adjustable on it, so I think you’d be able to make it fit with the existing holes for a no-modification install. Price is a bit more, but you get an integrated light that’s purpose built for this application.

@PorkChopExpress I have seen those, they super cool! Just a lot bigger and more expensive than I wanted, plus already had 2 red rock lights :smile:. I wanted something simple that looked OEM and slim but that’s a fantastic solution if you have some extra $$$. However, not a huge of the side mounted cable; will make it difficult to use the original wiring hole I’d assume.

Definitely. I was curious about the wiring, too. Their installation instructions weren’t clear about whether the wire could be rerun from the middle of the light or if it was fixed at the end.

Made and installed another brake light for @GainzGFC . He’s opted for amber lights as “chase” on the outermost spots and red in the center for brake.


Any chance you’d make a larger mount fitting 2 or 3 S2s? :grimacing:

@joserheo Haven’t even though about it but now you got me thinking :thinking: . I’ll see what I can come up with. Might be a while with my busy schedule however. I’ll keep the thread updated about it!

Sounds good! Love your rock light idea, but the S2s are great chase lights and since we like to “Go Fast” :joy: we’ll for sure be all over it.

Definitely a market since us camper users can’t use the awesome S2 3rd brake lights from Meso, ICS, etc., and if you can fit them using the GFC wiring and mount holes then you have a winner

2 reds are not bad at all for the brake light imo.

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4 red is definitely bright, I haven’t seen all 4 in action myself but will most likely swap to 2 amber for “chase”. The 2 red seems to be definitely better suited but wanted to try so I could say for sure. It’s perfect in daylight but I’m sure much brighter at night.

That said; if anyone needs 2 reds or wants to trade ambers for them, hit me up :sweat_smile:

Only issue I see using something like those or the S2’s is that they aren’t as slim or close to like oem. However, would love to see what you come up with!


The red baja rock lights + S2s for chase lights would be the only set up imo. I have yet to see how my 2 ambers perform in dust…since well…it’s still winter here in MT.

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