Baja Family Thanksgiving?

Hey Y’all- wife, 3yo, and I are in early planning stage for a Baja trip Thanksgiving week.

Wanted to check in here to see if any other GFCr’s are interested in an outing down south. Beach living, frisbees, SUP, surf, maybe some fishing, etc.

Families/kids would be excellent, certainly not required- we like to have fun but not looking for serious partying at this phase of life. (Trying not to sound like the biggest dork in the world and failing)

We live in BZN, probably cross the border into Mexico morning of 11/21 and back into the US on 11/25.

@GFC706 I’d definitely like to pick your brain and of course you’re welcome to come.

Lemme know thanks!


Sounds so fun! Unfortunately I dont have enough time off work but maybe another year. Btw, you’re not a dork for not partying hard with a kid lol, gotta grow up sometime :wink:


I was thinking of doing Baja for that weekend. Did y’all have a location/ s you were thinking about?

Hey @skynet - sorry for the late reply, we were headed out the door when you posted. Did you get down there?

we had a successful first Baja trip, camper was awesome of course.

Drove part of the baja1000 course, combed some beaches, saw another go-fast near an half moon bay north of Ejido Eréndira.

almost got scammed by the cops in Mexicali but were saved by a Spanish fluent cali dude.

Was a quick trip, next time will take 2 weeks!

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