Baja trip November

Looking to get some info on the drive to baja from Colorado? Prolly just 1 maybe 2 vehicles, really only one thats rigged for beach crawling. Any areas to avoid/must see?

What dates are you planning?

It totally depends on where you’re headed.
Entering through Mexicali avoids the west highway 1 with the tolls. Entering at Mexicali and driving down highway 5 is much quicker if you’re headed down further south. San Felipe is a nice little fishing town on the gulf side. Check out bahía asunción on the west coast. Definitely get lobster. Season started in September…
Other than that, have fun…



Oh, if you decide to go through TJ on highway 1, punta cabra is a good spot. :+1:

I would highly recommend taking the 5 down from Mexicali and checking out San Filipe and Puertocitos. Unless you wanna see TJ and Ensenada the east side of the peninsula is way more beautiful and camping-friendly. South Baja also just go slammed by a hurricane so depending on how far south you want to go you might try checking in on road conditions. I second Punta Cabras, it’s a rad spot on the west coast but you’d probably want a deep sand worthy vehicle once you’re there.


Has anyone stayed at Campo Octavio? Or is it better to just be off grid?

Where abouts is this camp?