Been too busy in the backwoods to make a build page yet… But I have been baking! I celebrated my anniversary on a river in the middle of nowhere with my bride a couple of weeks back.

For our anniversary, I made cinnamon rolls from scratch (who doesn’t like breakfast in bed…errr tent?).

I use a simple Coleman folding oven that I wrapped with an insulating cover I made from welding blanket I had. I keep it on the oven with rare earth magnets and clips.
Easy and very effective.

Here is the recipe for the rolls.

I use a small pizza stone that I keep with the oven in my drawer kitchen.

You can either put the oven on your gas stove, or in my case I find it easier and more efficient to use my Lavabox.


I love the smell of cinnamon rolls when camping, but I admit, I just pop the Pillbury tube. We use the Omnia Oven with the Jetboil Minimo stove.


Anyone have the old Backpacker pantry outback oven? I still have one it works well actually. Usually make cornbread or brownies with it. People trip out backpacking in the woods when the smell chocolate baking lol


We love our omnia stove!

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That’s a sweet design !! I like how it utilizes the interior instead of circulating the heat around the outside with a hood to cover it lol