Beartooth Pass area GFC camping

Interested in meeting up with other GFC owners that visit the Beartooth Pass area this spring and onward (my install date is Dec 30, 2021). If unfamiliar, there are countless campgrounds and National Forest areas to explore and enjoy from Red Lodge, Cody, Cooke City…Morrison Jeep Trail from the West on the pass is spectacular (easier access than the switchbacks from Clark, WY), as is the Cooke City Off Road Area and the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway (and of course Yellowstone). If travelling in from the East or South to Belgrade to get your camper, this would make a great area to try out your new rig on your way home. Red Gladiator, Red GFC, Red Lodge. Hit me up, pull in for some GFC talk, or at least wave! I promise to wave at a Tacoma if there is a GFC on it!


I’ve heard of this area, but never had a chance to visit. Do any of these roads close in the winter?

I’ll be picking up a red GFC in mid-December, and this may be an options coming from Denver.

The Beartooth Pass is indeed closed now for the winter. When I drive to and from Denver I use the Shoshoni/Meeteetse route if the weather is good. The Wind River Canyon is amazing. From north to south you feel like you’re going downhill for miles yet the river is flowing north…messes with my mind every time. Red Lodge is still worth exploring in winter when the pass is closed. If the weather is bad, I would stick to I-25 and I-90 thru Billings, but if good, I hope you swing thru! Regardless, I plan to visit the Overland Expo in Loveland in 2022 and maybe see you there. Red GFC owners sub-group meeting!

Thanks ElEV8T. That’s what I thought on the closures. I was up in Cody for about a year, but disappointed I didn’t explore as much as I wanted. If I’d have known I was only there for a short time I would have made more of an effort to get out.

I’ll likely take 25 to 90 on the way to pickup. Then… winging it on the way back. Depends if I plan on swinging out to CA for xmas. Or if its just a quick snatch and grab.

If anyone reading this gets a chance to drive through Meeteetse they have a fantastic chocolatier, kind of odd for a tiny town.

If we’re doing a meetup in CO, lets skip the expo and go into the mountains! Not dissing on Loveland, but there is so much better around.

Always a good place to explore. :+1: