Bed Mounted Switch Box V2

Wiring up a V2 for lights and realized how silly it would be to run a switch in the cab for lights in the bed, drilling a hole in the bed of a brand new Tacoma to mount a small switch is not an option either, i also wanted to have multiple switches for other accessories and some usb charging ports

im making a mount for a switch box that will bolt to any V2 camper

this switch box is prewired and has 3 light up switches, 2 usb ports, and a battery voltmeter

feed back is much appreciated, i plan on selling these switch boxes and mounts if interested

mount is made of cardboard at the moment, before it gets drawn in the computer then laser cut


hole for wires to come in and out of

Love it and clean. Could the switches also be used for say turning on or off a diesel heater? Maxxfan?

New to electronics and still thinking how I want my setup.


totally can as long as the device is 12v!

That’s rad! I like the simplicity.

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Switch box mounts to V2 bed mount by drilling (2) 1/4" holes

Bracket is made of 1/8" steel plate

Bracket is side specific, felt like the driver side would be the better side to mount to

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great work! I would buy one.


Source of charge? Running a wire from battery or ?

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It’s open for options, get power from 12v battery/solar generator , run power from the truck battery, get power from taillights etc…

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Where can I buy these?