Bed platform help

I want to put one of those bed platforms in my truck bed. Will need two sheets of wood cut down to get full coverage.

Two questions:

  1. would you put the seam long ways or perpendicular to the bed?
  2. I don’t plan to secure the platform to the bed of the truck. What could go wrong with this?

Thanks y’all!

Probably depends mostly on how you plan to brace the plywood underneath. If you have a tacoma, there are a ton of pictures of simple platforms. On long beds you can use a couple 2x8s as crossbars in the factory bed cutouts (this is what I did when I had my softopper). On short beds I think there is only one cutout, so I think they tend to run a brace down the middle of the bed length wise.

The wood could bounce around on rough roads.

On my Tacoma I didn’t secure the center brace I just used a center support. I did have some issues at times keeping the center brace from collapsing. I ended up putting additional supports on top and bottom and thus eliminated the issue. Also I ensured the panel could no move once in place.

Cool thanks. Not sure how this is gonna turn out since I’m not sure exactly what I want yet but kind of need to just get something in there to get started

I just did this. 2x6 in the two cutouts with 3/4 on top. Two pieces of plywood are laid vertical and I made the length a little shorter than the actual bed length. Its flush with the 2x6 thats closer to tailgate so it’s easier to get in camper and throw dirty sneakers down there.