Bed Rail Cleats

Hey all,
Merry Christmas eve. I picked up the bed rails from my local Toyota dealer this morning (6.5’ bed on a Tundra) and was curious if you all run the sliding cleats on your setups with your GFC? It seems like once the GFC is mounted, the cleats would be pretty limited with how much they could move. I dont know that there would be much reason for me to run them internally with the camper but I also could be missing something cool.

The cleats seem like more of something I would imagine repeatedly smashing my elbow or knee on but I could be wrong. Let me know your thoughts. Appreciate you all for the information and Merry Christmas.

Assuming the Tundra cleats are like the Tacoma cleats you can install them and remove them anywhere along the rail (no need to do it at the end of the rail). My theory is you can never have to many tie down points. If its in the way move it to a new location. Just my opinion.


I wish they were the same but unfortunately they can only be added/removed at the end cap of the rail. I agree with your theory too…just dont know if I want to commit to have them in isolated places with the camper on.

I did leave mine. There is limited mobility between the GFC attachment points. They have not been in the way; I used them once.

I left the ones on the rail against the cab, but took the ones off on the side rails. You can always add them later if you want by removing the GFC mounts along the sides and sliding them on.