Bed Rug purchases

Has anyone had issues receiving their bed rug? I placed an order for a bed rug for my 2017 short bed Tacoma November 1 and still have not received it. Each month I check and they say it’s not in production schedule.
I heard such great things,and I’m super excited to receive it and install, but it’s hard to pay such a high price for something I was not aware would take 3+ months to arrive with still no word on when I might see it.

I ordered mine from a 3rd party, but I will say when I needed the bedliner adhesion kit I tried to order though them direct and they were horrible to deal with even pre supply chain issues. No feedback and took 6 weeks to get some velcro and wipes, which I just bought locally while waiting anyways. I do really like the product overall though.

Thanks Josh! Hopefully it will be worth the wait! :crossed_fingers:t3:

Our used Tacoma came with a bedrug. I think you’ll find it worth the wait. It keeps the dust down, comfy on the feet, soft surface to load on…etc. I’m very glad to have it.


I bought the one for my ZR2 from Amazon. Came in a few days and they typically show the current stock. Looks like there’s one in stock here for short bed Taco. Not sure if its worth cancelling and buying this to cut the wait. Like others have mentioned, the Bedrug is great. Nice not crawling around on those bumps in the bed floor, and it provides an insulation value too.

I would suggest getting more of the “adhesion promoter” swabs because what they provide is not enough for all the Velcro tape you are supposed to put down.


Did you order it directly from the bedrug website? I placed an order (also have a '17 SB Tacoma) about the same time in November and ended up calling them last week as I hadn’t heard anything from them. They told me that there was a glitch in the system and the order never processed for production. I would recommend calling.

I did order directly from them. I’ve been talking via email to their support team and they tell me each month that it’s not in the current production run and to check back. I’ve followed up with them 3-4 times now and get the same response each time. Thank you for the suggestion, I will try calling them directly.

Did you get your bed rug now? Hope you have it already!

I got it in March! I will say I’m very happy with it! Worth the wait.


Thanks for sharing, very useful

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