Bed Stiffeners

Guys, I want to keep it simple here. Are bed stiffeners necessary with a Tacoma and camper? I’ve heard mixed things.

Thank you!


Yes. End of thread.

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Probably hard to say “necessary”, but for me it was a fairly inexpensive upgrade for some piece of mind. I have the older version of the R4T ones.
R4T - Bed Stiffeners - Toyota Tacoma (2016-2022) (

I’ve seen some feedback that they do help with the composite bed, and I imagine the constant extra weight from the camper (albeit not that much) could contribute to accelerated fatigue/degradation over time.

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My guess is you won’t get to a definitive yes or no here. I read that they were a good idea so I bought some and installed 'em prior to the GFC going on. I’m running a 2nd gen Taco so composite bed. It is one less thing I need to worry about but I sure can’t say they are necessary…

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Necessary? Depends on your wheeling style and other stuff in the truck.

Will they hurt to add? Absolutely not. In fact, it will only help support the truck bed even further. They are extremely easy to add so it seems like a no brainer to me.

So, my issue is, I was looking to do a Bam bed and their slides. They all interfere with bed stiffeners. I was recommended the 4WP stiffeners, as they are hidden, but they apparently have been discontinued.

Looks like BamBed has you covered:

BamBed for Bed Stiffeners (Tacoma '05-Present) – BamBeds

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I also have a tacoma with a GFC going on in a few weeks. I installed bed stiffeners yesterday as some of the prep for the camper. I’d say do it now. Not hard to do, not expensive.


Went ahead and ordered the other day. Should be ready to go by my install date.