Bed Waterproofing (3rd Gen Tacoma)

Very basic question. What is the purpose of the aluminum tape in addition to the silicone? Do you cover both the rear panel and the underside of the rail with tape, then apply the silicone to that?

Not my picture, but this is essentially how I applied the tape:

after applying the tape, i then ran a bead of silicone around the edges before putting the bed rail caps back on.

So aluminum tape means smaller holes and less, and silicone blocks the water that does get in. Got it, thanks.

This is a helpful video for 2nd gen tacoma


Helpful also for third gens as well. All the holes are also there on third gens. I used a 3M rubber tape instead of the aluminum in on tape. It work a lot better in my opinion.


I got my hinges done in Belgrade recently and while the GFC was off I did some sealing thanks to this thread. I put a rubber gasket under my front bed rail to hopefully keep the rear window on the truck and GFC clean. I cut a cheap Amazon tailgate gap cover to size and sandwiched it under my front bed rail. It took some effort to line the bolts up to get the bedrail back on and the windows still might get dirty from the top but I think it will help, just make sure you remember to clean the windows before you put the GFC back on, I forgot.


So after applying the foil/butyl tape like shown in the picture, do you put the bed rail caps back on top? Wont the clips push through the tape?

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I actually had the same question. I’d imagine the tape is flexible enough to get the clips through?

I used a razor blade to make slits in the waterproof tape to allow the clips through. Before reinstalling the caps I applied a bead of silicone along the waterproof tape, toward the outside of the clips to hopefully stop the water.


Thanks @gwiz

For others, I’m going to work on waterproofing the bed this week and will post some pics with what I end up with.

Check out this thread as well. I used the same materials as @crazyfingers (though I still need to seal the front corners).


What I would recommend is either put a small little slit or take a pencil a put a small hole first. This way it allows the clips of the cap to go into the hole and form itself around the clip. Then take some silicone along the edge closest to the inside of the bed and around each hole. Also don’t forget that you have holes in the little cubby boxes and in your bed for water to drain out of your bed and the front corners. The problem places I’ve come across with dust is the back panel of the GFC. The rubber piece they use is not strong enough to keep a good sealed when closed.

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I used a heavy duty exterior duct tape (amazon) on mine along with a D type weather strip (from Amazon for about $11) as extra precaution. It seems to hold up to rain and 2 car washes.

I’m still getting some water intrusion at the front corners so I’m going to tape that over w the duct tape again.

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Is this diagram for the Toyota filler plugs? Or the truxedo ones?


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The diagram is the truxedo plugs. It is just a small piece of foam.

Awesome, thank you. Did you do any additional sealing for that area such as silicone on top of the foam plugs?

I used some duct seal compound (it’s like playdoh) in some of the cracks that the foam plug doesn’t cover. Works well very little to no dust/water intrusion

Perfect. Thanks for the help!

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Requesting that this thread stay open. It’s about sealing up the bed rails on third generation Tacomas (before installing camper).


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