Beef Bar Security

I’m looking at beef bars to put on top of our GFC but it looks like they are just bolted in. To me it seems like anybody with a cordless impact driver and the right bit could haul away your entire beef bar system in the time it takes to remove 8 small screws. I live in a place where your catalytic converter can walk away while your in the grocery store.

Any beef bar owners have opinions on this or mods to increase security.

Maybe I’m missing something, but at least my old Yakima rack pretended to be difficult to steal.

Maybe you could get security bolts that use a special bit. Something like these:


I’m in Portland as well. Most people that are stealing racks are looking for a quick steal. Most carry tools to hack stuff off and don’t always carry an Allen but that will fit in a drill. I definitely feel your paranoia being in Portland. But you know as well as I if they want it bad enough they’ll get it. Racks not so much. I would protect the cat conv first. In my opinion. :+1:t2:

Alternatively, get 4 cheap homemade Prinsu style bars Width of beef bars - #6 by Taq
They’re individually not as strong but depending on your use, may be totally fine. Plus, they’re cheap to replace and not worth stealing for thieves that know what they’re doing.


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I’m also interested in this solution, living in a big city, bound to happen. I looked into your link and really liked the option. However, they want you to order 100+ batch order, and didn’t look into cost.

I didn’t look around too much but that was just the first google result that came back for security bolts. I bet if you look around you’d find some place that would take a smaller order.

You can just freeze the locks on a Yakima, Thule or any of the other systems, shatter the lock and be done in short order. Had that happen with the rack on my Mini Cooper Clubman