Beef bar surf board pads

Anyone find a set that work with these honkers? I only seem to find aero style bar pads. I’m considering just buying pool noodles and zip tying them to the bars but my wife thinks I’m being cheap

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I think the Dakine pads fit, the Xl’s. I don’t have beef bars, but 1020 DIY bars and they’re about the same size.

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If they are sized anything like a Frontrunner rack, the Frontrunner board pads are good. We’ve had them on our D2 for about 4 years and they’re holding up very well.


Dakine xl work fine on my beef bars, tricky to get on tho with the little space between the roof and bottom of the bar. I took mine off to get them right

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Thanks guys!!! Appreciate all the replies and will go with the dakine xl pads

They work great, I trimmed some of the foam snide to make for a snug fit.

Ok, so the Dakine xl pads didn’t fit my bars… returned them and got the front runner surf pads. Worked perfectly!
Also, as as side note, the Thule express surf straps are so freaking easy and convenient to strap a board to the rack! No more struggling with a long ass tie down, takes a few seconds each strap to lock it down, same to release.


Front runner surf pads work perfectly

Mine fit just fine. Encinitas surfboards surf pads.


Why didn’t the Dakine xl pads work? Are these the Front Runner Pads you landed on? -

Wouldn’t fit the circumference of the bed bar and couldn’t close itself well enough that I felt comfortable leaving it up there. The front runners are easy to get on and stay in place with the foam up, and get off if and when I need to.

I run the Dakine pads, they just barely connect on the velcro. I have had them on for 2 years no issues

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Do you front runner tie down work with Beef Bats track system? Currently waiting on my topper. Looking for tie down accessories. Thank you

I use the the Yakima tie downs with the front runner pads, works a charm with my wife’s SUP and my shorty