Beef Bars + Riversmith

Hey y’all,

Has anyone mounted a Riversmith rod holder to their beef rack? If so, how did you get it to mount? I’m having clearance issues with the bottom bracket and am debating making my own brackets. Would love to hear how y’all have done it.

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I have the riversmith two pack and I ended up buying longer cap Allen screws and using the quarter turn t track fastener mounted it directly to the beef racks. The screw was a little thicker but I was able to just push it through the plastic of the River smith. Let me know if you have any questions I’ll be happen to help. Been a very solid mount so far and avoids the use of a bracket.

Do you have any pictures. I’m interested as well

Sorry for the dark pictures stuck at work right now.

Sweet. Looks good. Now that makes sense

Yeah i should have included a picture from the start always easier. So far the mount as been bomber, with my truck on 35s it is kinda high up to get the fly rods in and out but much easier than taking them apart just to drive a few miles down the river and fish again.

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Yeah I’m short so hopping on the tailgate is normal lol

Reviving this as I’m in the same boat. Have you had any issues with front/back stability? Just with the mounts being designed to ride 90° from the way you have it.

Also curious which allen bolts you used. I was thinking the beef rack m6 studs would possibly work.

Thanks for any help!

Haven’t noticed any issues with stability. So far dirt roads and lots of freeway miles the river smith has been rock solid. I have even accidently backed into a tree hitting the rod vault no issues. I just went to ace hardware and matched the thread and found a length similar to the ones that came with the river smith.


So just to confirm, I need to get some beef rack mounting hardware(and then match the length of the river quiver screw and the width of the beef rack screw. Correct? Thanks for posting this, I am stoked to put my rod holder on!


Hey @Mahooish, you need to find bolts that match the thread of the beef rack t track bolts but longer. This will allow you to put the screw through the river quiver and then secure them into the t track nuts. You are basically getting rid of any of the river quiver bolts in exchange for you own. You are also not going to the use the other half circle portion of the river quiver mount.

I want to my local ace (they usually have great hardware selections) matched the threads and found something longer with an all head cap.