Beef Rack Availability?

Any updates on timing for the new Beef Rack?

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Which one is the beef rack? I’m hoping for cab mount rack soon.

Did someone say beef racks?


We have the parts complete and are just dialing in the manufacturing plan. Didn’t want to offer a product we couldn’t support. We are actually launching a new website in the next week or so here, and planning to offer the parts concurrently. Lots of things in the pipeline at the moment!



Does anyone know if accessories from Yakima or Thule will connect to These Bars? Such as bike racks, kayak stackers, storage box? The beef racks appear to be very custom looking so perhaps GFC is going to make their own attachments?

I got the Thule Aero load bar stops to work in mine. Took minimal filing to get a perfect fit as they were slightly too big to fit in beef bar slots. Would assume any Thule accessories that are made to fit into the Aero bar slots could be adapted to fit the beef bar slots.


Beef rack is now in (limited) inventory!

Good to see on the thule front, we will likely make our own track nut specifically for their accessories in the not too distant future.


These things look great. But trying to figure out why I would use the beef rack as opposed to a pre-existing application (and the multitude of accessories) such as Yakima or Thule?

Also, what about security? My Yak rack certainly isn’t Fort Knox, but it requires more than a screwdriver to remove my boat and skis.

Looks great! One question though, whose face was used as the model for the outer plates? :rofl: image


We are working on the design of a Thule compatible track nut, not sure on the ETA of that project. We just relocated our machine shop to a much larger space, current project is the second CNC machine with another robotic loading arm.

But beyond mounting those kinds of accessories, Beef Rack works great strapping a load down to the top just like any of the other off-road specific roof rack system. They are also super DIY/fabricator friendly with combination of top and bottom track mounting solutions. Lots of info online on how to attach things to extrusion racks that work in a similar manner.

Correct. Pictured is a 1/4-20 nut that is taller than the 10-32 track nut linked. The 1/4-20 is longer because the threading needs more distance for engagement.

The taller nut is compatible with the Beef Rack system but is too tall to use on the standard camper extrusion without counterboring the backside of the part being mounted to the track, if that makes sense.

Working on building up inventory on the 1/4-20 track nuts before we can add them to the site.

The 10-32 nut also works well with the beef rack system. I have used these to mount those mini lashing rings (like this) onto the top of the beef rack for attaching tie downs. Was perfect for hauling a christmas tree last winter.

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@GFC what’s the timeline for more Beef Rack availability? It says there is only 1 left now

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I think i read 2-3 weeks for order fulfillment.

I just tried to purchase the racks and there is some glitch where it will only let me put 1 in my cart. Anyone else run into this?

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Something I noticed is that water gets inside the extrusion bar similar to what gets into the hinge tubes. After rain it takes a few days for the water to work its way out. The bar being aluminum I’m not worried about any rust more that it’s just annoying. Next time I remove them I’m going to drill a series of weep holes up through the bottom tnut slot. In the meantime I’m going to put some silicone caulk on the joint where the upper tnut slot butts up against the mounting plate. That should stop most of the water from getting in.

Really disappointing that after waiting for 6 months for the racks to be released and after contacting GFC multiple times to find out when they would be available that they would sell out of stock 16 hours after going live.


Ordered 3 bars on Oct. 14 and they were delivered with in the week, and they are BEEFY.

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I can’t decide whether to go Yakima round bars for my canoe setup (easier for kayak/canoe hauling like I do) or the beef rack. Leaning toward the round bars so I can use Yakima accessories

I see there is a silver and black version now.
Is that a black crossbar or??

Black? Where did you see that?