Beef Rack bars for sale Local Pick Up Only

I Have two both with all the hard ware selling local San Diego CA
Both in like new condition mounted but never used just more beefy than I needed and I have many Yakima Items.
Asking $200
These are for the V2 XL
Thx for the look

Still available?

Sorry I just saw this yes they’re still sitting in my garage

Would you be open to both for $200

For Pick up yes

Was this sold?

No still sitting in my garage

How about now? And will they fit a V2 Ford Ranger camper?

Hey man, I see you likely still have these. I can’t do pick up, in Oklahoma, but would you take $250 shipped? I mounted 80/20 years ago, but it isn’t walkable, which - is necessary sometimes.

Paypal Immediately if you’re game.



Feel free to text me either yay or nay.

What’s your contact number?

Yes they are off my v 2