Beef Rack Bars/Track Nuggets

Hey all,
I am pumped…got the build options set for my camper (#1308). Im sure the invoice will be coming shortly. I did have a question for those of you who had the beef racks though. I had the option to get the “beef” package when I set the options. The options are “basic beef” - 2x special black beef bars, 4x track nuggets, and 8x t-nuts or “prime cut” 3x beef bars, 4x track nuggets, 8x t-nuts, 2x universal mounts, 2x 90 degree brackets, and a windskid.

I went with the basic and was curious about the track nuggets. How exactly do they work? I plan on using tie downs primarily on ours (for paddleboards/surfboards primarily) but was curious as to how you all used them. Also, for those of you that have the beef racks, how much space is there between the top of the camper and the rack? Thanks in advance. Pumped I am getting close!

The track nuggets slide in the beef bar slot. You position them where you want and they lock in place. Then use them as tie downs and you can remove them when not needed.
Not a lot of space between bottom of bar and roof, bout 1/2". I can’t get the end of a bungee cord to fit in there, wish they made it 1".

Hey Danny, I got some track nuggets for tying down lumber and larger piles of stuff and would use cam straps to tie down kayaks, and sups. Now I just use cam straps for everything because it’s faster than getting the track nuggets out. I believe their original intent was for tying stuff down inside the bed if you get a flight deck system.

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Where can I pick these up? Thanks