Beef rack brackets

I have two beef rack bars installed on an XL camper, and I note that there’s only about 5/8" clearance between the bottom of the bars and the top of the camper. Pretty much every rack accessory I own (kayak, ski and bike attachments) requires more clearance than that in order to attach to the bar. So my question is, has anyone on here made a DIY bracket that lifts the bars a half inch or so?

I think in he ideal situation you’d just use their track nuts (they make an M6 for Thule/Yakima) to go directly to the Beef Bar and eliminate the clamps totally.

As far as the plate I havent seen anyone do it, but it would be super easy to have a laser cutting service, like etc, cut some new ones out to the dimensions you want.

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Is there a way to forgo the clamps that come with your racks and bolt them directly to your beef bars with the track nuts? Maybe could save yourself a couple inches of overall hight?

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In some cases, yes, I could drill out the attachment and use a track nut, but in others, no.

Thanks for that. I’ll have to check them out!

A lot of times I just want to use a couple of bungie cords to hold down some 2x4s. But I can’t get them under the beef bars. I asked GFC a couple of times about making some taller side plates and they basically laughed at me. I would love to get another 1/2" of clearance under there.

Would a flat bungee cord work?

Good call on those flat ones, will pick some up next time at H.D.
Still think GFC should offer an extended height version to address the OP’s concerns.

Can you use something like this, where you loop it under the beef bars, and then ratchet down?

PowerTye 1.5in x 6.5ft Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Downs, Made in USA with Soft-Tye and Carabiner Hooks, Red/Black (pair)

Or a Stratchit? Like this:
Stratchit Shorties - by Front Runner

Or even these to go around the beef bars, and then bungee to that?
JCHL Soft Loop Tie Down Straps (8 Pack) 1800Lbs Load Capacity, 4800Lbs Breaking Strength Heavy Duty Tie Down Loops for Securing ATV UTV Motorcycles Scooters Dirt Bikes Lawn Garden Equipment

I would strongly suggest using a cam style or ratchet strap. I’d be skeptical that a bungy cord would be secure enough. I don’t know how it works down in the US. But an insecure load has huge consequences if it results in accident or injury.

I know whenever I use bungies on my sled they often break or bounce off. After all, they are just elastic.

I use something like this strap, the strap will slide/fit under the beef rack and then just loop it around the rack and tighten it down with the buckle.

Thanks all for the great suggestions. I totally get the idea of properly securing your load and for that I have numerous ratchet straps and ropes. It really is just the times I need to throw a couple of sticks of lumber up there and drive from one end of the property to the other. Those cheap bungies are perfect for that, worked fine when I had the Yakima round bars.

I am actually trying to accomplish the same thing with the beef rack. I want to mount a kayak rack to the top, and I am totally unsure how to accomplish this. I think that the suggestion above that you have to modify the existing tack and use the T-nuts track. I am still looking for the correct rack to attempt this with.

I think the track-nuts work well if your accessory has a single point that attaches to the bar clamp like the Thule ski racks etc. For things like the kayak racks that have two bolts that are perpendicular to the bar I don’t see how they could work without some modification.

Anyone in the Bend Oregon area have some Beef Racks I could take some measurements off of? Making a lifted version seems so simple.

this is a fancy item and im sure there are cheaper / others - but you could just loop this over and use your bungy from there? they come in different sizes

seems like kind of what I posted… like a motorcycle fork tie down point

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I have a suggestion for you that you may or may not find suitable. I found the same issue with my strapping of a kayak to the roof, and I just attached “track Nuggets” to the beef bars and made a those a fastening point for my strapping.

Just an idea.

Thanks for the idea. I was just responding to the OPs post on how to attach 3rd party accessories that already have clamps. I always just used Front Runner Stratchits or a sling to strap stuff down.

You are welcome. Check them out on the accessories tab of GFC website. the hole is not very big, but you can make a loop or use carabiner to make a bigger fastening point. They are very solid fastening points, and do not move under 80mph pressure. I strap my kayak using them on the highway.