Beef Rack Cross Bar & Maxtrax Mounting option

Hello everyone,

I’ve only seen this 2 pictures of Maxtrax mounted on a beef rack and they are both horizontal.
Is there anyone that successfully mount a Maxtrax vertically on 2 beef racks?

I found another one, this is the orientation that I want. Would be nice if the owner can share how he did this, but the IG handle is not active anymore.

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Ill bet some prinsu mounts and moving the bars to match the holes and you’re golden

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@ScenicCityOverland has a Super Pacific now I think. But he might get this @ mention. Otherwise maybe ask him via comment on his YouTube channel (same name).

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Hey guys! I’m still around occasionally. I used a few parts from to build my roof rack.

Here is the info:


Damn this is genius!

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Couldn’t you just use these mounts and adjust the width of the beef racks to accommodate?

Nice! I’m planning to do the same. Do you have the V2 “standard” size GFC camper? Im wondering whether it’s exactly 53” across or 53” and change…

I built mine for a version one so I don’t know the dimensions on the V2.

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I imagine it will not be as pretty, but I am thinking “why not treat the MaxTrax like a kayak” and just strap them to the front and rear beef bars with standard 6-10ft NRS straps when going off-grid?

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Sherpa mounts for the win!

Looks great! Can you provide a topdown view of them on the Beef Bars without the boards covering them up?

Can you provide the link to these mounts. Would love to get a set. Thanks