Beef Rack Is Live

Added a limited inventory for launch, feel free to ask any questions about the product.

Beef Rack is the ultimate modular rack system designed to mount on Go Fast Campers and Roof Top Tents. Beef Rack is an extremely rigid crossbar that features an extruded track on top and bottom to mount accessories. This track system is compatible with the attachment nuts found here.

*Beef Rack is sold as an individual bar assembly, and you can mount bars at any quantity and spacing across the roof of your platform camper or RTT. *

Each crossbar includes the following:

** 1 x Beef Rack Bar (standard or XL length)*
** 2 x Billet Machined Outer Plates*
** 6 x 1/4-20 Aluminized Fasteners*
** 4 x 1/4-20 Track Nuts*
** 2 x Billet Machined Dogbones*

The cross-bars are a raw aluminum finish, and the outer hardware is anodized clear.

Standard bars (53") fit standard size camper and RTT.

XL Bars (59") fit XL campers.

Because this is a new product, orders will typically be fulfilled within 2-3 weeks of order date.


Can these be added to a camper order when selecting options?

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Beef rack is an accessory that can be found on our website. If you want to get your beef rack when you come to pick up your camper, or if you plan to get your camper delivered, just select “local pickup” at shipping, and we’ll set it aside for you!



We should also add that you can have the beefrack installed for a fee as well when you pick up you camper But that’s must be specified when you arrange installation.

I have the bars and want to get them on to my camper, but right now it looks like the camper is probably about 1/4" too wide to get them on. I feel like there was a video somewhere at some point of how to get them on… any ideas?

There’s a video on the gfc website under the beef rack page. There’s a link to it at the top of this page.

Thanks, yeah hadn’t gone through it far enough. Rubber mallet wasn’t nearly enough to make it all slide in so i took the end piece off and reattached that way, so far so good.