Best Winter Route SLC-BZN

Hey everyone. Does anyone have any thoughts on the best route to take in winter driving SLC to BZN?
Basically wondering if it’ll be better to go through West Yellowstone on 191 or take HWY 87. Not concerned about the truck getting stuck or anything but would prefer a drive that’s a bit less white knuckle grip. Thanks for the input!

You’re going through my neck of the woods. :slight_smile: That’s a tricky question, because it depends so much on the conditions. If it’s windy, you’re going to get a lot of snow drifts along Hwy 87 and Hwy 287. Once you’re up to Hwy 84, it’s not as bad. Hwy 191 is a lot more twisty roads and mountain driving. If it were me, I’d make the call at the last minute and base it on whether it’s windy vs snowing. If it’s snowing but calm, then Hwy 191 will probably be worse. That said, if you go through Hwy 191, stop in Big Sky for lunch at Alberto’s Mexican. Hands-down the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. :+1:


Honestly, I’d got I-15 to I-90 east. GFC is in Belgrade anyway. 191 can be real tricky in winter especially the river canyon north of Big Sky.



I-15 isn’t a bad option overall, but it is prone to drifts as well, particularly Monida Pass, but anywhere from Dubois, ID to Dell, MT. I drove through there on New Year’s from Washington and the whole drive was great with bare, dry roads until I got to Monida pass where there was drifting snow, black ice, and lots of packed, rutted ice across the freeway. It’s a good option to keep in your back pocket, it’s just hard to know what the conditions are up there because it’s so remote.