Big gap in rear hatch?

Just picked up my v2 and there’s big old hole in between the frame and the rear hatch. Looks to be by design instead of an issue, but would be interested in any solutions to sealing this up?

Yup - same here with the tacoma.

What I did is place some bulb seal on top of the tailgate behind the door and then one on the backside of the door. Seals it up to about 95%.

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Same on my Silverado model.

your hole is so small. I can fit a hoagie through mine


I feel like you threw me a softball and I still can’t come up with a good comeback. Either way though, looks like I’ll have to seal this sucker up with a bulb seal. Hoping maybe I can use some of my leftover tailgate seal that’s on the way.


That’s exactly what I was able to do. Flip it vertically and then put some behind to catch the water on the other side. Worked great for me.

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